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July 17, 2007, 9:18 am
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tol-arapal-jul-07-247.jpg  tol-arapal-jul-07-263.jpg   tol-arapal-jul-07-229.jpg    Arapal Christian Camp

Arapal Christian Camp is a tranquil and scenic place to visit. No noise and environmental pollution. Away from hectic life, trafic and people. It overlooks the ocean and surrounded by evenly shaped hills with lots of molave trees we are trying to raise and protect.

The camp is four kilometers from the Bogo City highway and one kilometer from San Remegio highway. It is two hours from Cebu City, passing a panorama of views of the coastal road, sugar cane haciendas, and rugged hills. Arapal Christian Camp is ideal for camping, retreat, vacation, small group seminar, and even wedding.  Be forewarned, it has no electricity or running water. To some, that is the appeal of this idylic setting.